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Episode 4: Brian Sipe

Emmy® award winning makeup artist Brian Sipe has been working professionally since 1989 as a freelance artist and through his company, Gamut Studios. Several major Hollywood makeup effects companies and production studios have taken advantage of his extensive knowledge and experience as a character effects designer and project manager. 

The scope of his artistry can be seen in film and television projects such as Syriana, Ali, Son of the Mask, Big Momma's House 1 and 2, VanHelsing, The Passion of the Christ, Friends, Will and Grace, and many others. His groundbreaking makeup design for the FX Network’s reality television show "Black. White." personally garnered him an Emmy Award in 2006. 

Brian' work on David Fincher's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, helped nab the BAFTA and Oscar for Best Makeup. 

Most currently, Brian was a part of the Makeup FX crews for JJ Abrams addition to the Star Trek franchise, McG's Terminator : Salvation, Cirque du Freak, Cabin in the Woods, and the latest installment in the "Twilight Saga" - Breaking Dawn.