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Action-horror author Thom Carnell brings you such thrillers as No Flesh Shall Be Spared and Carpe Noctem.

Episode 192: Paul Komoda & THE THING


On this episode of The Bonus Material Podcast, Thom Carnell & Langley J West are joined by returning guest, surrealist Paul Komoda, to discuss a favorite film of ours: John Carpenter's 1982 film, THE THING. This really is a marriage of Guest and Topic as no one does surrealistic art like Paul (who worked on 2011's prequel, THE THING directed by Matthijs van Heijningen). Needless to say, we're all very excited about this episode. After the break, Thom & Langley return to go over news, review a few trailers, and make some recommendations.

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Phil Harris "The Thing"

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